Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On the Road

Today the team had breakfast at the Compass with Joe who is the owner.

We then went to his bakery which is called the "In n Out." He also has a shop and rents space to several others.

We then embarked on a 7 hour bus journey that would best be described as:

Jake: Scenic and the fastest 7 hour bus ride of my life.

Steve: Breathtaking. Spectacular.

Max: Mostly untouched land and completely unimaginable.

Scott: One of those - "You had to be there moments" in life.

We followed the Yangtze River and then connected up with the Mekong River and arrived in a VERY small village that we are not sure of the name.

Jake made friends immediately with some kids using the orange balls from Wartburg.

Rooms were $9.63 each so we splurged and got two. Dinner for 9 was $30.60 - and it did include three warm beers.

Tomorrow we head to an even smaller village where SCF and Gloria Dei Lutheran Church embarked on a significant project.

We are anxious to meet these friends who are Lisu.

We have found the world to be shrinking ever more as we stay connected through the iPhone5.