Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Great Wall

Today everyone was ready to call it a day after a three hour plane ride, but the group continued on to the Great Wall.

After an hour long bus ride out to the Wall we became surrounded by people attempting to sell us stuff. Ice cold water, t-shirts, and all kinds of things we didn't need. After going through the tourist trap we arrived at the gondola and arrived at the Great Wall.

We researched and found that the wall is 13,000 miles long. The group only covered about 100 yards of the wall, and Steve found the one spot with a breeze and shade.

The group was obviously getting on edge with Scott as he had many different photos he wanted to take with many different things. These included Drake Cheer shirts, the Doctor, and Martha's famous cookies. They will hopefully all be appreciated.

Be Orange.

Go Drake Cheer!

A Coke toast for Mr. Tyler.

Martha's famous cookies at the Wall.

The Doctor makes it to the Walk for a toast.

Drake Women's Basketball gets a shout out.

Jake and Max were possibly the first people to throw a football on the Great Wall. After multiple throws the ball bounced off the wall and landed in the bushes "on the good side."

Jake and Scott used their bartering skills to trade two Wartburg balls for an ice cold beer. Even though the women was decked in communist clothes, the deal was nothing but good ole' capitalism.

The descent down was one full of energy as we went down a toboggan ride. David, our interpreter, was doubtful as the first sign said "toboggan is simple" followed by "toboggan is dangerous." The ride was eventful and everyone made it down safely with safety advisors telling the boys to slow down the entire time.

After caving in to the tourist trap and buying some t-shirts the gang loaded up the van and headed for the hotel. Deciding to get room service and plenty of rest as we have a long journey ahead of us - after we go to Tiananman Square and the Forbidden Palace.

Everyone is ready to be home. Max and Jake's reflections on the Great Wall.