Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kunming Infant Orphange

Good morning from Kunming where we will leave in just a few hours for Zhongdian - better known as Shangri-La.


Our experiences at the Kunming Infant Orphanage are difficult to put into words. Pictures and words do not capture the emotion of the many special moments that took place.


Just about the time you start asking - "why have we travelled three days to get here and what is this all about?" - an experience like we had at the infant O happens and your world view changes.


We held, fed, and played with over 25 infants today - all abandoned by someone who did not want them.  

We talked to a blind baby who just wanted to reach out and touch another human, a baby with a cleft palate who had a great giggle, and a baby without a hand - how could not stop waving.


There were many fun memories today from eating fish eyes to chicken heads, a spectacular evening meal in a centuries old restaurant, a walk around a beautiful full-moon lit lake that is a model for Disney, and another grueling day of plane and van/bus travel.


And finally, after three days of travel, we encountered our first experience for the main purpose to our being here.

How can we build relationships and provide the support to make a difference in the lives of others?

SCF supports the infant O at $400 a month which pays for just a bit more than the monthly salary of one of their 22 employees. 

I have a feeling we will probably do more. Time will tell.

We now move to our project work in the Himalayan plains around Zhongdian.

As access allows we will keep you posted. 

Quote of the day: "We discovered the universal language of a child's laughter today. Put your finger out and they will grab it and if you tickle them - they will laugh - regardless of their place on life." Steve Raecker