Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lhasa Keeps Us Grounded

Greetings from Lhasa


Arriving at mid-day we checked into the Yak Hotel and proceeded to the Yak Steak House where the Yak Sizzler was excellent – and most everyone liked the Yak Butter Tea.


We then spent the early afternoon sorting some of the many items we brought for our friends at the Lucky Star School.  As you can see by the pictures, the new backpacks that were filled with education supplies for the new school year were well received – along with a new school uniform for each student. Thanks to all of our great friends who helped fund this project.


Each child was thrilled to receive a hand stitched quilt thanks to a project coordinated by Norma Rohn and her friends at Stitchn' Mission.  And smiles were all around when the kids picked out their hats knit by Cheryl Gilg – and not surprisingly, the Matchbox cars provided by Jim and Jack Spooner (along with Judy Quick) were a real hit.


And I am sure you all noticed that Dan and Deb Timmons have great joy spreading the Cyclone Nation worldwide.


Dinner consisted of a traditional Tibetan meal that included Yak Tongue, dried Yak, Yak ribs, local vegetables, and a variety of other dishes that most everyone tried.  And not to let the Hawkeye fans down - after being serenaded at the dinner with traditional Tibetan beer songs - we returned the favor with the only beer song many of us know - the one we sing after every Hawkeye Victory - In Heaven There Is No Beer. 


Thursday will be the first day that we are not on an airplane since we left on Sunday – and we are all looking forward to more activities with our friends in the area.