Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finally have internet connection! We are waiting our flight in the Kunming
Airport to go to Beijing, after being delayed and hour but not cancelled!
Sunday, we visited the RenLi Clinic to hand out dental supplies then headed
to a Naxi home for traditional dinner and dancing.  Food was….. very ….
interesting and hard to identify, as an added bonus to dinner and dancing we
got to witness the drowning of a chicken, and the pleasure of watching the
plucking and cleaning throughout the rest of dinner.
Next we headed to the Lijiang School, where we played with the kids and
toured the facility.  Dad says things have changed so much, because of the
development around the school.
Monday, Dad, Emily, Scott, Rebekah, Doug, and I walked to the top of Old Town to a
Roof Top Restaurant where the view was amazing! Deb and Dan went to Tiger
Leaping Gorge. 
Hopefully we will have more access to the internet in Beijing where we can
update more!
Leslie (with help from Deb)
If you already saw this when it still contained VERY large pictures, sorry.
Haha Deb and I have been fired from our job of blog posters, and as you may
have already noticed Scott has resumed his position. NOW! We are in Beijing
Airport ready to board! See you all very soon!!