Thursday, August 5, 2010

Building Relationships Produces Resuts

Our trips take two major focuses - building relationships and producing results that impact the lives of those less fortunate.  You can view our work over time at


Each trip has a balance of hands on efforts to enhance the lives of others - through active project engagement or delivering necessary supplies and equipment.


First though, for these acts to happen, we must developed relationships with people - forming a trusting bond, understanding cultural differences, and finding alignment for common purpose.


Today was a day of significant relationship building.


For many years we have funded education support for those in need.  What started as an elementary initiative in one small village has grown to encompass between 250 to 300 youth of all ages.  We have also helped two young doctors achieve their dreams - and currently have a third in the process. 


Two retired doctors and their families in the metro area made a multi-year commitment to fund the educational needs for Dong Bao several years ago.  Dong Bao is now a Class 2 Medical Major at Tibetan Medical College in Lhasa.


This afternoon and evening our team spent time with Dong Bao, learning more about his hopes and dreams.  We also shared what we know about the great families that are funding his efforts and there is an amazing alignment of ideals.  We learned that their support has been an inspirational motivation for Dong Bao to achieve an even higher level of commitment to serve others.  I know our time together will result in productive efforts to enhance the lives of others in the future.


More immediately, we continue to build upon a relationship established 3 years ago with a unique entrepreneur who has used profits from his successful carpet industry to found and support the Lucky Star School


The school continues to grow and has unmet needs.  Several members of the team spent time with him today at a potential new site for the school - and tomorrow we will be visiting some nomadic areas with him to gather a greater understanding of the opportunities ahead while at the same time learning more about the culture and the needs of the youth in these remote mountain areas.


Today (as every day) we also spent time building another set of relationships – those among the team.  I believe I can speak for the entire team when I tell you that the varied mix of relationships on this team has enriched not only the individual relationships between father/daughter, husband/wife, and friend/friend - but through those relationships being strengthened our entire team has bonded with new friendships among each other.

Thanks for following our efforts.